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Channeled Message


Channel message from Sophia

Energy, Beloved, we were all one People.  We have been together for forever. We will always be together.  It is a choice to accept the connection and and how  deep you will choose to let the connection go.  To the Creator there is no doubt, He is consciously connected to all, there is no doubt.  There is no resistance. Like water He flows into every crevice, over time he will wear down any barrier, with ease. It is a flow.  We all are in flow.  We choose to resist.  We choose to paddle away from the current. It is human nature. It is our way.

I make a choice today to love you, love you in your wrong.  To see beyond the outside, to look past the mistakes and behold the divinity inside.   To embrace you with my love, to open your heart, so you can heal the wounds.  Once broken, now becomes whole.  Through the love of one, that is for all.

All Are One in Spirit

If I was you, I wouldn’t be me!

I am not aware that we are connected through the veins of loving energy.

Connect by God, loved as one.

When you lose, I lose, too.

I just don’t realize it through fear,

fear that I wouldn’t be me, if I was you.

That is not true, you are always you and I am always me.

However, separated we will never be.

When I win don’t forget to cheer, you win as well, have no fear.

When I see myself as whole without fear, I can truly see you are,

as an extension of myself.

When I rage war inside myself, I sometimes forget,

that when I hurt your I hurt myself.

I don’t have to hide from you, you are not my enemy.

I can let you see my soul, all of my spirit’s energy,

without judging myself about how you perceive me.

The divide I create from my God-given wholeness is the distance I measure from you, my Brother.

When I can say, Sister, I am whole, complete and love, I will know I can take your hand and walk through eternity with you,


in competition, always in complete, harmonious love.