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You Have No Downfall

A man that doesn’t know God, doesn’t know himself. When we were separated from Source, we started at the beginning of our journey. There is no downfall in your life, there is nothing that you can do, or that can be done to you to create more distance from Source. After the initial disconnect there is nothing that is not a lesson to bring you closer to Source. Even when you are in your darkest moment of trial, you are still closer to Source than you were before the trial started. There is never anything that can create distance, even what you may consider darkness or distance from Source is not. You are a part of Source in an ever changing, creative moment. There will always be more to learn, there will always be a chance to get closer. It is our journey. At times along the path there is stagnation. The discomfort felt at this time is a signal to break the cycle. To keep moving, that is all we will ever do, move, change, create, learn, love, learn to be. To be ever changing is our nature. No two sunrises will ever look the same, it not our nature to be the same either. Every moment is precious, even the hard moments, for there is so much that can be gained from it. Many times when going through a painful situation, we feel that something has been taken from us. That is quite the contrary, a space has been created inside of us to fill. It is our choice how we fill the space, with love and compassion or hate. Many times that space requires forgiveness. That is not to condone what has been done, it is for us to realize we are more than our hurts and we can consciously choose to fill ourselves with love and not dwell on hate.

Source is the only immutable presence there is. Since Source resides in us, in everything, that is to balance our ever changing nature. With the movement of our soul there must be stability, motionless. The empty space allows for moment of the dense. This is not to say the dense does not have space, the dense must have space as well. It is always a balance of creation. One must be, to allow the other to change. That is our dance. That is the love of our creator, our Source, to simply exist to allow the space for us to dance, to create, to learn.

There should be no fear in doing it wrong, the fear of change many times denies us the movement forward that we desperately need. Fear of change is a fear of ourselves, a fear that we are not good enough, smart enough or simply have enough luck to get through the obstacle. Those fears lock us into place and deny us our natural nature of change and movement. What if we attempted to tackle the obstacle and created another issue or failed again? Sometimes that will happen. You are eternal, to have an expectation that everything should fall into place, every single time denies us the contrast of how great we can be. The power seen in the phoenix when it rises from the ashes could never been seen if the transformation and accomplishment were not so great. Sometimes the deeper into the darkness you go the closer you are to a miracle. The only thing that can prevent the miracle is the lack of moment and change on your part. Sometimes things will get worse before they get better. That is sometimes how the story unfolds. If you come into a life with many trials you have chosen the life path of the warrior. You have chosen this life to fight the war, the war of the Self. It is always your choice, if you will stop somewhere along the journey, or continue on to be the hero.

One of the first steps in walking in a hero’s shoes is to know your power, you are eternal, you are a creator. If you limit all that you are to this one, very short life, you will deny yourself your full power. You are forever, you will always be learning, growing. Many life lessons are very hard, near impossible to understand if you view it from a limited perspective of a single lifetime. There is nothing that will ever disconnect you form Source. However, it will always be your choice to feel the connection. But, always remember you are always loved, you are always known in entirety. There is never a single action that would cast you out of this, only your perspective of it.

Things Created By Ego – channeled through Sophia

The bigger the ego gets the larger and thicker the wall of separation.  When you work through ego you manifest through your own will, not by Divine will and grace.  All things created through ego will fade, strength, beauty, education, status, power, etc.  Many don’t realized the difference in how the creation is brought forth will alter how the object will stay in creation, how it is perceived by the universe and the effects it has on the creator.  The energy behind creation is always linked to the intention through which it was brought forth.  Though not always present to others on the surface, the energy signature is always known to source.   Alignment with source is not always necessary to create, but always necessary for permanence.  When you create only for yourself, through your own energy and efforts it will always require your own energy to maintain it.   Things created in love, in co-creation with Spirit, God, the All that Is, is effortless and in balance.  All ARE one, when in spirit and there is always more than enough for all.  There is no lack of anything, for anyone, when in Spirit.  One does not have to take from another for ownership or creation when in Spirit.  Ego says there is a limited supply and you must take from others or push others down to step into that very small, number one slot.

Knowing true abundance is also key.  Abundance is having everything to meet your needs, when your needs arise.  That is much different than hoarding.  If you are one person and you have a warehouse full of food, that is not abundance, that is greed.  Hoarding and greed are actions caused by ego, not spirit.    Ego drives desires for statues, some go to school only to be the best, get prestige and power rather than from a desire and appreciation for knowledge.  They spend years in school, thousands on education and live a life with a very inflated ego because of their gains.  Yet they have no control if  they would get dementia, alzheimers and forget everything they knew that put them above others.  The world’s greatest creators created from a passion of learning, a desire for knowledge.  The love of music brought forth the greatest symphonies ever known.  The ability to fly was once  a dream by two brother,  their belief in the possibility of what could not be understood by others at that time.  Creations through ego are only lessons for the individual in the lacking of self when not connected to Spirit, if they choose to see that.

Some spend all their time focused on  beauty and how much better they are than everyone else because of their beauty, yet they have no control on time, beauty will always fade with age.  Yet, beauty from the soul is visible in the eyes of a baby or the elderly, anyone, because it is authentic beauty.  The light of the Divine can shine through anyone, it is not limited to someone with a perfect body, a straight nose or perfect hair.  When aligned to truth and the Divine, some can see right through the false pride developed beauty.  That is not to say that everything beautiful is wrong; beauty developed through appreciation and love is Divine.  Goodness and beauty can be the same, that is not to say that beauty from the Divine is defined equally as beauty judged by society.   Spirit sees beauty in all creation, in the imperfect.  Spirit even sees beauty in the damaged, the lame just as much as so as the beauty claimed perfect by society.   It is easy to see this in nature, a crooked tree, a lumpy potato and mangy dog, when seen through the eyes of the Divine it is seen in perfection, through the eyes of love.  When your fellow man is seen as less than you, you are in judgement and not inline with the Divine consciousness.  To see another as less than yourself, to set yourself apart from another is to deny yourself.  Creating separation in this manner denies yourself the fullness that is available to you.  When you deny or put down another, it is yourself that is denied.  Only this can be true.   Just as every snowflake is unique, yet they are all snow.  Unique and completely the same can always be true.  Only when our true nature is denied, our full potential is denied.  Only you deny, Spirit never denies, infinite patience allows for free will.  You are always in choice.  Choosing to align with the Divine opens a doors of creation that is not possible by our on free will alone.  When you work only to bolster your ego, it is like building castles in the sand.  In time, all your work will wash away.

Things created in love, created through heart knowledge of the Divine with no intention of separation are eternal.  When you create to include, creations of love, that are offered to be shared with all will never fade away.  They are guided by Grace.  One must not assume that which is hidden is lost.  Hidden is a perspective, all knowledge is available to all, at any moment.  The divide from that is always dependent on the seer, not the divine.  Time spent on seeing the Divine in your Brothers and Sisters becomes truth.  Love spans the Universe and lifetimes, it is eternal.  Always be of service in light to all with compassion and forgiveness.  Create connections, connections allow us to remember we are together.  Do not live in fear of your brother and sister, seeing them if fullness allows space for their true nature, the Divine spark in their hearts to shine.  What you can see in truth, will also be seen in you.  There is no power lost in humility and kindness, quite the opposite, when you do not allow anyone to be your enemy, you have none.  You can walk with a peaceful consciousness.  When you consider no one your enemy, you are not preparing war in your mind.  The space is open to create from a place of love.  That which is created in love is eternal, held in balance with Divine power.  War will never be eternal, things acquired through war will never be peaceful nor eternal.

We are all one in God and God is one in all.  Any creation outside of God becomes a barrier that must be broken to return to God in fullness.  But God has never left, only our perception changed because of barriers created between him.  We are creators, sometimes when we bring our our own creations into manifestation we feel powerful.  We feel better than others. How many times does one not evaluate the quality of the creation?   Can you look at all that you create and say that it is good?  God looked at all that he created and said that is it is good.  Good, not perfect.  Evaluate your creations, in goodness, not perfection by Man’s standards.  When you create in loving kindness with your fellow men and the intention is for good, there may be bumps in the road, there maybe hardship,  that is not to say there is not goodness.  Livings through man’s expectations of perfection is different than seeing she situation through the eye’s of God.  See yourself as lovable today, just as you are,  not when you feel perfect, and you will see Divine love.  When looking upon a mountain range in entirety, it is very beautiful, you do not pick apart every craggy edge.  You just see the whole and admire it for exactly what is it is.  We are seen exactly the same way by the Divine, when we are seen in our entirety, seen as whole, we are seen in our glory and loved.  Always, always, alway loved!