You Have No Downfall

A man that doesn’t know God, doesn’t know himself. When we were separated from Source, we started at the beginning of our journey. There is no downfall in your life, there is nothing that you can do, or that can be done to you to create more distance from Source. After the initial disconnect there is nothing that is not a lesson to bring you closer to Source. Even when you are in your darkest moment of trial, you are still closer to Source than you were before the trial started. There is never anything that can create distance, even what you may consider darkness or distance from Source is not. You are a part of Source in an ever changing, creative moment. There will always be more to learn, there will always be a chance to get closer. It is our journey. At times along the path there is stagnation. The discomfort felt at this time is a signal to break the cycle. To keep moving, that is all we will ever do, move, change, create, learn, love, learn to be. To be ever changing is our nature. No two sunrises will ever look the same, it not our nature to be the same either. Every moment is precious, even the hard moments, for there is so much that can be gained from it. Many times when going through a painful situation, we feel that something has been taken from us. That is quite the contrary, a space has been created inside of us to fill. It is our choice how we fill the space, with love and compassion or hate. Many times that space requires forgiveness. That is not to condone what has been done, it is for us to realize we are more than our hurts and we can consciously choose to fill ourselves with love and not dwell on hate.

Source is the only immutable presence there is. Since Source resides in us, in everything, that is to balance our ever changing nature. With the movement of our soul there must be stability, motionless. The empty space allows for moment of the dense. This is not to say the dense does not have space, the dense must have space as well. It is always a balance of creation. One must be, to allow the other to change. That is our dance. That is the love of our creator, our Source, to simply exist to allow the space for us to dance, to create, to learn.

There should be no fear in doing it wrong, the fear of change many times denies us the movement forward that we desperately need. Fear of change is a fear of ourselves, a fear that we are not good enough, smart enough or simply have enough luck to get through the obstacle. Those fears lock us into place and deny us our natural nature of change and movement. What if we attempted to tackle the obstacle and created another issue or failed again? Sometimes that will happen. You are eternal, to have an expectation that everything should fall into place, every single time denies us the contrast of how great we can be. The power seen in the phoenix when it rises from the ashes could never been seen if the transformation and accomplishment were not so great. Sometimes the deeper into the darkness you go the closer you are to a miracle. The only thing that can prevent the miracle is the lack of moment and change on your part. Sometimes things will get worse before they get better. That is sometimes how the story unfolds. If you come into a life with many trials you have chosen the life path of the warrior. You have chosen this life to fight the war, the war of the Self. It is always your choice, if you will stop somewhere along the journey, or continue on to be the hero.

One of the first steps in walking in a hero’s shoes is to know your power, you are eternal, you are a creator. If you limit all that you are to this one, very short life, you will deny yourself your full power. You are forever, you will always be learning, growing. Many life lessons are very hard, near impossible to understand if you view it from a limited perspective of a single lifetime. There is nothing that will ever disconnect you form Source. However, it will always be your choice to feel the connection. But, always remember you are always loved, you are always known in entirety. There is never a single action that would cast you out of this, only your perspective of it.


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