Fear of Love and the Authentic Self

Are you afraid of being truly who you are because you feel you are not lovable?  Yet, the person that was meant to love you, needs you to be the person that you truly are.  When you become a personality and not your authentic self, you create an illusion.  That illusion will always be detrimental to your relationship.  How can a partner fall or stay in love with an illusion?  The paradox of this situation is that the personality created out of fear to keep love, will always create the exact opposite of that desire.  Things created in deception and disillusion will never create something that is of a high quality.  Perfection through the eyes of Source is not to say without flaws.  Flaws are lovable, acceptable, honest and a moment in time.  A flaw may be a characteristic of a soul, but it is not the defining essence. Source does not measure flaws against worthiness, a flaw maybe be nothing more than a way to shine light into an area that needs work, healing or awareness.  There is no reason for you to see your flaws, imperfections or past experiences as a setback from love.

Genuine authenticity with flaws creates an environment for growth and for genuine love.  Many times an imperfection in a partner allows an opportunity for growth in both partners.  When life is seen as potential for learning and growth, many fears subside and things seen as obstacles can become beneficial challenges.  Sometimes being vulnerable with our flaws is the exact catalyst a partner needs to take their own journey of introspection and healing.

At times, when love is nowhere sight, this could be exactly the place where you need to be.  Without the distraction of a relationship, take time to look deeply into yourself and direct your love exactly where it needs to be, yourself.  Our higher selves are always reading and evaluating others around us.  What would a vibe of a lack of love for yourself say to potential mates?  Would their higher self not question your ability to love them?  See this time without a partner a time needed to connect with yourself.  A genuine love and appreciation for yourself will create a confidence that is noticeable when you are out looking for a mate.  This will bring you more inline with your authentic self and attract the right partner to you.


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