Authenticity in Connections

Inauthenticity in external presence and connections is a common theme in many youths lives.  This can be an essential mode to learn more about the authentic self and how to create genuine connections.  For others it becomes a life long habit.  This can become a viscous cycle of creating an inauthentic persona to gain acceptance. Then not being accepted because of inauthenticity.

With a lack of understanding of our energetic signature and how that effects others, it is easy to keep making the same mistakes and not understand how it came about.  We are energetic beings, we give off an energetic signature at all times.  It is similar to the gravitational pull of the moon, in the sense that we interact on a certain level will all things around of us without physically touching them.  When we don’t live as our authentic selves we can create discord in our lives.  This discord can be far reaching and create much sadness if there is not an understanding of the underlying principals.

If we live with a sense of this is where I “should” fit in, live, work, etc.  Your energy can be perceived as inauthentic and to some and this will create discord and the complete opposite.  To resonate with the feeling of “I should” instead of “I am”  energetically can give of the feeling to others that you are not.  Then you could be perceived as being out of place in the place you desperately want to be.  It is quite different to say “I should be an artist” instead of “I am an artist”.

If you are creating a persona, a false self because of a desire to be liked, loved, or to fit in, there will be many difficulties along the way.  We are each like a divine, unique music note.  To sing against your natural range would lose the beauty of your song.  Your unique self has something to offer that no other can do, not to be your self in entirety is a disservice to yourself and all of creation.

The more you become aligned to your authentic self the easier it becomes to see lack of alignment of others to their own.  If your heart’s desire is to become an artist but you sit in the emotional bubble of I should be an artist, that gallery is where I should work; all the people that sit in their own genuine authority that are artists will sense that lack of alignment in yourself.  This could easily create a feeling by them that the gallery is not where you should be.  This is not to say that they are judging you, they are reflecting the very energy that you have presented to them.  When you can claim the calling of your heart, that will become your identity, your service and no man will ever be able to deny you that.  While they may say your art is not their style or to their liking, they cannot deny the artist in the man.  What man could step forward and say Michaelangelo or Da Vinci is not an artist?  Anyone who would make those claims would be seen as untruthful in that.

When you can step into your heart calling and give attention to that desire you will start living in your authenticity.  However, anything that happened prior to that, is not to say you where not “on your path”, as some would like to say.  A long portion of the journey on the path is discovering exactly what you are not.  You are always on your path.  You create your path with every step you take.  It is is YOUR PATH!  You walk, you claim it!  There is no deadline, there is no definition, every step along that path is yours alone.

As you fall into alignment with your truth, your development can come along very quickly, especially at the beginning when you have so much latent, unused energy stored up.  There may be times along the road where you have to reevaluate the journey.  It is good to check in along the way with how you feel.  While sometimes following our path there might be pain, obstacles or uncertainty.  At times along the path when you don’t feel certain, it could mean you have outgrown that place along the path and it is time to move on, to bigger things, it is time to push yourself.  It could also mean that you may have taken on too much to fast, or material gains have blocked you from working on yourself.  Whatever the feelings are they are unique to your situation.  Those are cues that your energy is off kilter and it is time to check back in and reevaluate the situation.  When you feel disconnected those feelings give off energy to others and that may hinder you in connecting authentically with others.


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