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The object of your affection is a catalyst to your own emotions.

It is typically assumed that we receive love from another and that is the source of the love.  When in actuality the object of our affection is simply a catalyst to our own emotions.  The object of affection brings us to a state where we allow ourselves to feel love.  We are the generator of the love.  Yes, while we may feel warmth and affection from a love or pet, they are not the creator of our love.  When this is understood, we will never have to spend a day without love.  There is no reason to pine the absence of love, for we are our own creator of love.

That is not to say that we should not want to connect with another or to feel appreciated. Those are very beautiful experiences to share with another.

Notice how easily you can transfer love to an animal that is the same breed as your pet.  You start feeling love for that animal because you have already learned to love something very similar in appearance.  You are the creator of the love.  The animal is only the catalyst.  Learn to generate your own love and you will always be filled with love.

Once a mother has a baby she responds more affectionately to other babies.  Those babies are not the object of her love but she has learned to love a baby.  She has developed something inside of herself, an appreciation for new life, when new life is presented to her she is now able to flip that switch inside of herself to allow herself to feel the love. The baby is the catalyst and the mother is the love generator.

There is no reason to ever walk this earth for one single day without feeling love.  That is why many have said it is most important to love yourself, only after that will you be able to love anything else.  You are always with yourself, when you become your own catalyst for love there is nothing in this universe that can deny you love.  Only you can deny yourself love.

When we can see ourselves for the the powerful beings that we are, to see our full potential, we slowly lift away the veil that is blocking us from seeing all that there is.  Only our mind can enslave itself, there is always absolute emotional free will.

If you are constantly thinking that you must find love and you do not look within, where the seed of all the love you feel lives, how will you ever attract that to yourself in a person?   Love yourself and then state to the universe that you would like a mate, to share your love, enjoy experience and spend time, then see what the universe brings you.

Whether you look at this subject from a spiritual sense or from a biological sense, love is created inside of you.  Your body creates the hormones needed for your mind to feel love.  You do not take a substance  from another being for that reaction to occur in your body.  You could be given synthetic hormones to create that a biological response without a love in sight.  When you fully understand yourself as a creator, you begin to create the reality that which you truly want.

While love is created from within, this does not mean that we should not desire or seek out others.  Partners are a vastly important part of life.  However, when going into relationships, understand what the partnership is for.  It is to experience activities and moments together.  To have love in that relationship is your choice, you manufacturer the love, it resides within.

Love is free to all, at all times.  You choose the catalyst. Only you set the limitations on your emotional state.  To move into the state of bliss, you remove all barriers and love all.  When you love all, you are love.  The purest state possible in existence. No walls, no barriers, ALL ARE ONE.