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Understanding Synchronicity & Symbolism

Many times when we are going through a spiritual awakening we notice synchronicity and symbolism coming forth more often in our life. They both play an active role in our emergence into the awakening. There are always questions on why this is suddenly happening. Let’s dig deeper into causes that bring these occurrences into your life.

To understand why you are drawing these symbols to you is because your energy is resonating with the symbol and now that you are awakening you become aware of its presence. In actuality you have been drawing in symbolism your whole life but have been unaware of its presence.  The awakening process is like the blooming of a flower or sprouting of a seed; the universe beyond that always been there but was hidden from your sight.  Upon awakening you begin to see what is outside of the shell.  The magnitude of what you see and perceive will correlate with your blooming. We will go deeper into that in another post.

You may have seen the scientific test on concentration where the subject watches a video to count bouncing balls, midway through a ballerina comes dancing out on the stage.  None of the observers notice this because they are focused on the bouncing balls.  This is a great example of how symbolism works, you will only notice what your conscious mind is directing you towards.  There is a secondary energy related to this as well outside of the science experiments, in everyday life, in that what you’re exerting energy towards will naturally reciprocate its attention towards you.  If you listen to the morbidity of the news often you may leave the house and only notice the aggressive driver, the unruly children at the mall and disgruntled people that cross your path; you won’t even stop to pause and remember the young boy who held the door for you, the beautiful flowers growing in the median of the highway or notice the many people in your community working behind the scenes to help one another, volunteer firefighters, soup kitchens, parents involved in the locals schools, etc.

As you raise your vibration you will notice more and more synchronicity in your daily life, such as repeating numbers; making connections with people that are aligned to similar mindsets and repeating themes. A thing that I love and that happens often to me is, I put out a request to the universe about something that I would like to learn, I cannot even tell you how many free books I have received, even sometimes from strangers that are EXACTLY what I was interested in.  It happens so often to me that I have no doubt that when I want to learn about something the material will come.  I am completely in the flow of receptive energy in this area.  When you begin to trust the synchronicity and flow with it you will be amazed at the  opportunity, things and friends that show up.  When you fall into a lower vibration of self doubt or lack you will notice that these occurrences are less frequent. My advice in this area is to make a request to the Universe about what you would like, start out small, it is easier to trust it will come.  Then thank the Universe for it and have no doubt that it will come.  Set NO guidelines on how or when it will come, that is where the Universe does its work. I notice that when I set the intention and hold a strong sensation of gratitude for it in my heart chakra, it has the quickest and most positive results.  If you cannot feel good about what you are asking, then it is it going to be difficult to manifest and may not be in your best interest at this time.

We are just like drops of water, in as much as a water droplet will pull a nearby water droplet to it because of its polarity. We also pull or attract like to ourselves. And just like a water molecule has a positive and negative charge it is up to us to balance that charge and make a conscious choice what we pull into our sphere.  You are the creator in your life, do not turn over your power to external forces. Steer your life like a captain at the wheel of his vessel.

Send Love, Not Pity

Many times in life we come upon a situation that causes us to pity a person. We see something in their situation or in them physically and we deem it unsatisfactory according to our life and we pity them.  Energetically this a negative response in ourselves and the energy that we are sending them.  The only energy that we can send to truly ameliorate a situation is unconditional love; unconditional love is the ONLY true free energy.

Let’s look at the situation from an energetic standpoint, when energy is not given in equality and freely it is not positive energy. Who would want the gift of negative energy?  Pity brings the emotions of, I find something wrong, combined with the feeling of I am better off, (self righteous energy.) There is nothing in that mix that is good for either individual. This is not to say that a situation should never pull on the strings of your heart and create an emotion in you.  It should, often!  Being connected emotionally to others is beautiful and satisfying to all that are connected.

The problem with sending pity is that it does the recipient and yourself self no good.  To pity someone’s situation is not to understand their situation, their trial.  You cannot treat an illness you do not have. if your friend has a broken arm and you bandage yours, what good have you done?  You are not in their mind, or their shoes so to say, so how can you understand the lesson that they are experiencing?  To see their situation in a state of pity also endears the emotion of self righteousness, this feeling may not be evident to your rational mind upon the feeling, though. But when you look at one’s situation with pity, there is a part of you that is emitting that your situation is better off, that is where the self righteousness lies.  When we are in that state, we lack an energetic state of equality. Energetic equality is a pure exchange of energy that is beneficial to both partners and brings a positive response to both sides equally.

We do not have to strike pity from our emotional drawer, we just have to recognize it and transform it into a higher emotion, unconditional love. Unconditional love is the purest and greatest gift you can give. You can never truly know what another’s emotional needs are but when you give the gift of unconditional love you give them pure energy to work with. Their energetic body will receive the love and use it in anyway that most fits them at the moment.  That will be delivered right to the heart of the issue.  When we give love with a set intention in the way it is received we deny the recipient use of it in the way that is most beneficial to their situation.

Always be realistic with the gift of love, egoistic love expects a certain response and may have a timeline of when or how the situation may be solved.  Unconditional love has no expectation on transformation of the recipient.  It just gives to gift love, nothing more is expected. You are only in charge of your own timeline and emotional state. Do not fall into the trap of self righteousness to assume that you are capable of changing another’s.  Unconditional love may be accepted or refused, it is their healing, their journey to decide what they do with it.  And, that is exactly how it should be!