Would You Eat Ice Cream in Heaven?

If you were standing in Heaven you would not wish to experience the things you love?  The embrace of a loved one, the sound of gentle rain falling, to see a sunset.  Have you considered that what you desire in Heaven is right here?  Then, why not experience your moments of happiness, of bliss, in this current life as an encounter with Heaven? Are we not living to experience these very desires?  However sometimes we have an outlook that those things will come when this life is done.  That this life is hard, there are many burdens and we overlook the many joys and precious moments that can be a snippets of Heaven right now, in this life.

If it is difficult to experience this joy in short moments, could we really be prepared to experience this as a permanent experience?  If we were to enter Heaven today, could it be possible after a certain amount of time there we could manage to turn it into our own personal hell?

The experience resides inside of us, through our perception.  The emotions that we direct towards the situation. Could it be possible to work on this life to create a Heaven on earth?  Is this journey towards Heaven a battle of the mind, that begins with conquering the heart?  Or recapturing the child-like quality it use to have.  Before being hurt, before the ego took control and in its immature response to protect it, built up walls and created unnecessary barriers.  To knock down those walls and see the truth about anger is rooted in pain.  Emotional distress, a feeling of separation that at its very core only love and compassion can heal.

This life is a journey and we can only work with what we have at this very moment.  We can only make a conscious decision to walk in peace and love towards all, including ourselves.  For this is a battle and no man must be left behind on the battlefield.  Acts of kindness towards others can have a butterfly effect that we will never know of its destination.  But each act of kindness, forgiveness, heals.  Contemplate a planet where the people are kinder than angry, more loving than mean, more helpful than thoughtless.  Does it not benefit us all?   It is difficult to attain bliss in a harsh world, no?  So it would seem kindness bestowed towards your brethren will make this place better for yourself and for all.

We are all walking this journey, we all are trying to manage our way. So many paths, so many possibilities; will you be your brother’s shepherd when he is about to fall?  Could you imagine a Heaven where someone would not hold out their hand in kindness to another?  How can you imagine going, CREATING this place, if you would not do this now?  Acknowledge your brothers and sisters on this journey and let us all, moment by moment create Heaven on Earth.  Even if it is just for a moment.  Enjoy the ice cream, the sunset and feel at peace that Heaven is right here, right now.  As our moments of joy fall together faster and sooner, we are can be prepared to experience the Heaven that we create from within, for eternity.

Peace & love, we are one.


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