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Energetic Healing and Vacation Location

At some point in your life you may feel that you need to take a hiatus from your daily life to mentally and physically recuperate. Planning a vacation is a great way to get away from the daily grind, de-stress, re-evaluate where you are going in this crazy maze called life. Have you ever considered where you take your vacation could influence the type of energetic healing that takes place?

While I have to say if you cannot match the location with the type of healing you are looking it is better to go anywhere you are able and get a break to de-stress. Taking time to relax, no matter where it is will be highly beneficial your mental and energetic state.

Being highly sensitive to energy has given me the opportunity you connect with the earth’s energy at various locations during my travels and I have created a list of my recommendations on where to go depending on what you are looking to heal or bring energy to that area of your life.

FORGIVENESS / OCEAN – Spending time near the ocean is immensely healing in all areas. However, I have found spending time very close to the shore in the evening while the tide is going out is highly beneficial towards forgiveness. As you sit there, bring awareness to the situation you would like to heal. With the retracting of tide imagine the waters cleansing you and pulling out all the old hurts and creating a space for forgiveness. Feel the breeze cleanse your aura and see the turning waves transforming the negative energy back into earth energy.


When you feel out of balance, spending time by the lake can be the decision for you. The serenity of a lake will provide security and balance. Unlike the constant churning of the ocean, lakes stay relatively the same. They provide a steady, consistent peace. As you spend time by the lake bring your consciousness to your desire for balance. Allow the lake’s energy to influence you and merge with your auric energy. Ask your higher self you keep this influence in your aura so you may draw on it again at times when you see balance shifting out of place in your life.


When you consistently have trouble staying focused and grounded, forests or mountains are a magnificent place to spend time. They are teaming with life yet there is an impressive strength and steadfastness that they contain. That is the natural energy that trees hold. They spend their entire lives deeply rooted into one spot, no matter the weather or dangers of nature they are in their spot for the long haul. As you spend time in forest or mountains bring your consciousness to your feet and the ground, if possible this would be an excellent time to remove your shoes and feel the energy of the ground. Connect with the earth energy and and ask your higher self you to stay connected to this energy, after your trip ask your higher self to reconnect you to the energy whenever you are feeling ungrounded or disconnected from life.


I have always found open meadows to have a very unique energy. They feel youthful and playful. Since I equate these feelings with childhood I also feel these areas contain the energy of fertility. I would encourage you to explore meadows or fields if you are feeling older than your time or if you want to draw in fertility energy. I also recommend being playful in the space, dance, explore and practice gratitude for life. Where you put your attention energy flows. These playful areas like to be interacted with, it is possible to draw in much energy from these areas if you release any hesitations and allow yourself to flow into it’s energy.

If for whatever reasons you are not able to vacation but want to take advantage of earth energy even looking at a beautiful photo of the desired location and creating an intention to draw in the energy will provide some relief.