Monthly Archives: August 2017

I See The Stars in Your Eyes

Hello my darling, let me tell you why when I look into your eyes I can see the stars.  I can see the stars because the entire universe lives within you. You are the primordial cosmic dust brought into form and into life.  A gift of a single breath of the Creator brought you to life. I cannot tell you in words how special of a creation you are. As you move through your days you might not be aware that you play out the dreams of the infinite; you get to be them all, the beggar, the princess, the dancer or the pianist.

Inside that small body is the eternal, the consciousness, possibly the not yet awakened.  What would you do if you really knew you lived forever?  That the one next to you was as sacred as you, as eternal as you? Will you choose to live 50 lives at war with each other?  When neither of you will ever truly have a power greater than the other because your power is intrinsically the same, eternal consciousness with unlimited potential.

Will you spend this day focusing on your small self, your small ways, the small things that you choose to let irritate you?  Or will you wake up with your sights set high, as high as the Heavens to learn something eternal, to make eternal connections, which is also known as love.  This world will fall away, only that which was created as the unseen will endure, love, compassion, divine wisdom and truth.  For this all came from nothing and nothing it will return, the indestructible is the nothing, it is eternal.

Inside your body at this very moment the living waters of life flow through your being, do not underestimate the power that this contains.  Your heart beats for your without fail, it is your most loyal friend.  You eyes witness miracles at each moment, the miracles of life, love and how all of this we see came out of nothing.  The greatest miracle of all, all things come from nothing.  Day and night we look for this nothing, to put a name, a face, an attitude.  But the nothing became ALL things, there is nothing excluded. So the only way to find it, is to see it in all things.  The greatest force is all forces and all dreams.  It can take you on journey to see the greatest highs and greatest lows.  Awaken and realize the dream of being part of the greatness of all things.

My darling, it’s all in inside you, everything that will never expire. Awaken now and open your eyes for the stars in your eyes is the great light eternal within you.

All Are One in Spirit ~ AROIS