I See The Stars in Your Eyes

Hello my darling, let me tell you why when I look into your eyes I can see the stars.  I can see the stars because the entire universe lives within you. You are the primordial cosmic dust brought into form and into life.  A gift of a single breath of the Creator brought you to life. I cannot tell you in words how special of a creation you are. As you move through your days you might not be aware that you play out the dreams of the infinite; you get to be them all, the beggar, the princess, the dancer or the pianist.

Inside that small body is the eternal, the consciousness, possibly the not yet awakened.  What would you do if you really knew you lived forever?  That the one next to you was as sacred as you, as eternal as you? Will you choose to live 50 lives at war with each other?  When neither of you will ever truly have a power greater than the other because your power is intrinsically the same, eternal consciousness with unlimited potential.

Will you spend this day focusing on your small self, your small ways, the small things that you choose to let irritate you?  Or will you wake up with your sights set high, as high as the Heavens to learn something eternal, to make eternal connections, which is also known as love.  This world will fall away, only that which was created as the unseen will endure, love, compassion, divine wisdom and truth.  For this all came from nothing and nothing it will return, the indestructible is the nothing, it is eternal.

Inside your body at this very moment the living waters of life flow through your being, do not underestimate the power that this contains.  Your heart beats for your without fail, it is your most loyal friend.  You eyes witness miracles at each moment, the miracles of life, love and how all of this we see came out of nothing.  The greatest miracle of all, all things come from nothing.  Day and night we look for this nothing, to put a name, a face, an attitude.  But the nothing became ALL things, there is nothing excluded. So the only way to find it, is to see it in all things.  The greatest force is all forces and all dreams.  It can take you on journey to see the greatest highs and greatest lows.  Awaken and realize the dream of being part of the greatness of all things.

My darling, it’s all in inside you, everything that will never expire. Awaken now and open your eyes for the stars in your eyes is the great light eternal within you.

All Are One in Spirit ~ AROIS

Who Controls You

Who is the driving force behind our actions? Who do we let take control of our lives, and are we even really aware of it?  You see yourself in this position of disempowerment.  You blame others around you for your lack, whatever that may be, skills, love, attention.  You see them as holding you down, keeping your head underwater and with their constant grasp there is no chance for you to get air. You become critical of yourself and you look in the mirror and your mind speaks as though you are them, you are not pretty, not smart, not good enough.  Then your mind turns on the record that has played for so long and you hear, if only you lost weight, you would be pretty, someone would love you, etc.  Your life would be perfect.  It is time to step out of this disillusionment and wake up from this dream, to state it more fittingly would be this nightmare.

The truth of this matter is that you have handed over your power on a platter to a foe that is not even the one that you believe it to be in this life. The one that you attribute all of your qualms to is not the one terrorizing you in actuality.  When you gorge yourself on cookies until you feel sick or deny yourself a single meal during the day.  When you critique every square inch of your being, or cry yourself to sleep with a pain so deep inside of your heart that your soul bleeds.   it is not your ex-lover or office foe that has brought this pain on you.  You may be surprised to hear the answer of who torments you and you may not want to acknowledge it, yet. For it will require change on your part.  A change that may feel unnatural and feel contrary to what you want to do right now.

You sold your sold to the devil so to speak and you are stuck in a revolving door of anguish and misery. It is time to buy back your soul.  To me, when I hear that phrase, sold your soul to the Devil it truly means you have become disconnected from all love of yourself. In the spiritual sense things are never sold, they are only given because there is no such thing as monetary exchange, there is only free energy exchange.  There is never a time in eternity when it is too late maneuver the flow of energy in a different direction. Free will always rules, let this be the time when you use yours to change your flow of energy.  Instead of allowing yourself to torment you, it is time to acknowledge your role in this and reconnect with your soul in love.  In loving yourself. When someone is unkind to you, you are always in choice to reject the negative energy they are projecting on you.  You must be vigilant at times, at times when we are disconnected from our spiritual selves, from our soul, it is easy to get caught in a cycle of negativity. You accept one act on negativity on yourself and you magnify it and replay it over and over again. It’s a rabbit hole that is so deep, dark and convoluted that intense drive and clarity of mind is needed to pull yourself from it’s grasp.

May the droplets of light and love created from the Divine put inside of you be remembered. Your greatest challenge in this life may be to take hold of your power, control of your own being and stop this cycle of violence against yourself.  If you are at this threshold in life, take a moment out of the cycle and reject your own acts of violence and negativity against yourself.  It serves no purpose to punish yourself. Use your grief to grow and become a brighter star, learn from your mistakes but never, never sell your soul to the devil.

Energetic Healing and Vacation Location

At some point in your life you may feel that you need to take a hiatus from your daily life to mentally and physically recuperate. Planning a vacation is a great way to get away from the daily grind, de-stress, re-evaluate where you are going in this crazy maze called life. Have you ever considered where you take your vacation could influence the type of energetic healing that takes place?

While I have to say if you cannot match the location with the type of healing you are looking it is better to go anywhere you are able and get a break to de-stress. Taking time to relax, no matter where it is will be highly beneficial your mental and energetic state.

Being highly sensitive to energy has given me the opportunity you connect with the earth’s energy at various locations during my travels and I have created a list of my recommendations on where to go depending on what you are looking to heal or bring energy to that area of your life.

FORGIVENESS / OCEAN – Spending time near the ocean is immensely healing in all areas. However, I have found spending time very close to the shore in the evening while the tide is going out is highly beneficial towards forgiveness. As you sit there, bring awareness to the situation you would like to heal. With the retracting of tide imagine the waters cleansing you and pulling out all the old hurts and creating a space for forgiveness. Feel the breeze cleanse your aura and see the turning waves transforming the negative energy back into earth energy.


When you feel out of balance, spending time by the lake can be the decision for you. The serenity of a lake will provide security and balance. Unlike the constant churning of the ocean, lakes stay relatively the same. They provide a steady, consistent peace. As you spend time by the lake bring your consciousness to your desire for balance. Allow the lake’s energy to influence you and merge with your auric energy. Ask your higher self you keep this influence in your aura so you may draw on it again at times when you see balance shifting out of place in your life.


When you consistently have trouble staying focused and grounded, forests or mountains are a magnificent place to spend time. They are teaming with life yet there is an impressive strength and steadfastness that they contain. That is the natural energy that trees hold. They spend their entire lives deeply rooted into one spot, no matter the weather or dangers of nature they are in their spot for the long haul. As you spend time in forest or mountains bring your consciousness to your feet and the ground, if possible this would be an excellent time to remove your shoes and feel the energy of the ground. Connect with the earth energy and and ask your higher self you to stay connected to this energy, after your trip ask your higher self to reconnect you to the energy whenever you are feeling ungrounded or disconnected from life.


I have always found open meadows to have a very unique energy. They feel youthful and playful. Since I equate these feelings with childhood I also feel these areas contain the energy of fertility. I would encourage you to explore meadows or fields if you are feeling older than your time or if you want to draw in fertility energy. I also recommend being playful in the space, dance, explore and practice gratitude for life. Where you put your attention energy flows. These playful areas like to be interacted with, it is possible to draw in much energy from these areas if you release any hesitations and allow yourself to flow into it’s energy.

If for whatever reasons you are not able to vacation but want to take advantage of earth energy even looking at a beautiful photo of the desired location and creating an intention to draw in the energy will provide some relief.

Yea, it is Really ALL About You

Ever notice how every time someone makes a sly comment about someone else on Facebook you instantly think it’s about you.  When the clerk at the grocery store has a foul look on their face you wonder what you might have done to create it.  It rains on your wedding day and you think it’s God punishing you.  PEOPLE, please not everything is about you but then again it is, but not in the way that you think.

This life is completely about you, it is your journey.  All the lessons are from your perspective and what you encounter is your teacher.  Just as another person’s bad mood, is their bad mood, it is about them, not you.  Rain happens because it’s nature, not because of you and sometimes the Facebook post is about someone you don’t even know.  Once you learn to push aways the trivialities and get to the meat of the issue, why you are, who you are and what you REALLY want to do with your life, you will see that this really is all about you.  About your spiritual growth, about developing deep connections with nature and all that there is.

It is about creating your own happiness, following your dreams and living to be the person that you were destined to be. Follow your gut, follow your heart, follow what’s inside of you rather than what an external being dictates you to be.  This body is your vehicle and you the driver.  Take charge of this life and live it to the fullest.  Do the the little things that make you happy, don’t feel guilty that sometimes you don’t fit in.  Wear the crazy hat because it brings you joy and eschew all the rules that tell you to be something that you’re not.

Would You Eat Ice Cream in Heaven?

If you were standing in Heaven you would not wish to experience the things you love?  The embrace of a loved one, the sound of gentle rain falling, to see a sunset.  Have you considered that what you desire in Heaven is right here?  Then, why not experience your moments of happiness, of bliss, in this current life as an encounter with Heaven? Are we not living to experience these very desires?  However sometimes we have an outlook that those things will come when this life is done.  That this life is hard, there are many burdens and we overlook the many joys and precious moments that can be a snippets of Heaven right now, in this life.

If it is difficult to experience this joy in short moments, could we really be prepared to experience this as a permanent experience?  If we were to enter Heaven today, could it be possible after a certain amount of time there we could manage to turn it into our own personal hell?

The experience resides inside of us, through our perception.  The emotions that we direct towards the situation. Could it be possible to work on this life to create a Heaven on earth?  Is this journey towards Heaven a battle of the mind, that begins with conquering the heart?  Or recapturing the child-like quality it use to have.  Before being hurt, before the ego took control and in its immature response to protect it, built up walls and created unnecessary barriers.  To knock down those walls and see the truth about anger is rooted in pain.  Emotional distress, a feeling of separation that at its very core only love and compassion can heal.

This life is a journey and we can only work with what we have at this very moment.  We can only make a conscious decision to walk in peace and love towards all, including ourselves.  For this is a battle and no man must be left behind on the battlefield.  Acts of kindness towards others can have a butterfly effect that we will never know of its destination.  But each act of kindness, forgiveness, heals.  Contemplate a planet where the people are kinder than angry, more loving than mean, more helpful than thoughtless.  Does it not benefit us all?   It is difficult to attain bliss in a harsh world, no?  So it would seem kindness bestowed towards your brethren will make this place better for yourself and for all.

We are all walking this journey, we all are trying to manage our way. So many paths, so many possibilities; will you be your brother’s shepherd when he is about to fall?  Could you imagine a Heaven where someone would not hold out their hand in kindness to another?  How can you imagine going, CREATING this place, if you would not do this now?  Acknowledge your brothers and sisters on this journey and let us all, moment by moment create Heaven on Earth.  Even if it is just for a moment.  Enjoy the ice cream, the sunset and feel at peace that Heaven is right here, right now.  As our moments of joy fall together faster and sooner, we are can be prepared to experience the Heaven that we create from within, for eternity.

Peace & love, we are one.


Understanding Synchronicity & Symbolism

Many times when we are going through a spiritual awakening we notice synchronicity and symbolism coming forth more often in our life. They both play an active role in our emergence into the awakening. There are always questions on why this is suddenly happening. Let’s dig deeper into causes that bring these occurrences into your life.

To understand why you are drawing these symbols to you is because your energy is resonating with the symbol and now that you are awakening you become aware of its presence. In actuality you have been drawing in symbolism your whole life but have been unaware of its presence.  The awakening process is like the blooming of a flower or sprouting of a seed; the universe beyond that always been there but was hidden from your sight.  Upon awakening you begin to see what is outside of the shell.  The magnitude of what you see and perceive will correlate with your blooming. We will go deeper into that in another post.

You may have seen the scientific test on concentration where the subject watches a video to count bouncing balls, midway through a ballerina comes dancing out on the stage.  None of the observers notice this because they are focused on the bouncing balls.  This is a great example of how symbolism works, you will only notice what your conscious mind is directing you towards.  There is a secondary energy related to this as well outside of the science experiments, in everyday life, in that what you’re exerting energy towards will naturally reciprocate its attention towards you.  If you listen to the morbidity of the news often you may leave the house and only notice the aggressive driver, the unruly children at the mall and disgruntled people that cross your path; you won’t even stop to pause and remember the young boy who held the door for you, the beautiful flowers growing in the median of the highway or notice the many people in your community working behind the scenes to help one another, volunteer firefighters, soup kitchens, parents involved in the locals schools, etc.

As you raise your vibration you will notice more and more synchronicity in your daily life, such as repeating numbers; making connections with people that are aligned to similar mindsets and repeating themes. A thing that I love and that happens often to me is, I put out a request to the universe about something that I would like to learn, I cannot even tell you how many free books I have received, even sometimes from strangers that are EXACTLY what I was interested in.  It happens so often to me that I have no doubt that when I want to learn about something the material will come.  I am completely in the flow of receptive energy in this area.  When you begin to trust the synchronicity and flow with it you will be amazed at the  opportunity, things and friends that show up.  When you fall into a lower vibration of self doubt or lack you will notice that these occurrences are less frequent. My advice in this area is to make a request to the Universe about what you would like, start out small, it is easier to trust it will come.  Then thank the Universe for it and have no doubt that it will come.  Set NO guidelines on how or when it will come, that is where the Universe does its work. I notice that when I set the intention and hold a strong sensation of gratitude for it in my heart chakra, it has the quickest and most positive results.  If you cannot feel good about what you are asking, then it is it going to be difficult to manifest and may not be in your best interest at this time.

We are just like drops of water, in as much as a water droplet will pull a nearby water droplet to it because of its polarity. We also pull or attract like to ourselves. And just like a water molecule has a positive and negative charge it is up to us to balance that charge and make a conscious choice what we pull into our sphere.  You are the creator in your life, do not turn over your power to external forces. Steer your life like a captain at the wheel of his vessel.

Send Love, Not Pity

Many times in life we come upon a situation that causes us to pity a person. We see something in their situation or in them physically and we deem it unsatisfactory according to our life and we pity them.  Energetically this a negative response in ourselves and the energy that we are sending them.  The only energy that we can send to truly ameliorate a situation is unconditional love; unconditional love is the ONLY true free energy.

Let’s look at the situation from an energetic standpoint, when energy is not given in equality and freely it is not positive energy. Who would want the gift of negative energy?  Pity brings the emotions of, I find something wrong, combined with the feeling of I am better off, (self righteous energy.) There is nothing in that mix that is good for either individual. This is not to say that a situation should never pull on the strings of your heart and create an emotion in you.  It should, often!  Being connected emotionally to others is beautiful and satisfying to all that are connected.

The problem with sending pity is that it does the recipient and yourself self no good.  To pity someone’s situation is not to understand their situation, their trial.  You cannot treat an illness you do not have. if your friend has a broken arm and you bandage yours, what good have you done?  You are not in their mind, or their shoes so to say, so how can you understand the lesson that they are experiencing?  To see their situation in a state of pity also endears the emotion of self righteousness, this feeling may not be evident to your rational mind upon the feeling, though. But when you look at one’s situation with pity, there is a part of you that is emitting that your situation is better off, that is where the self righteousness lies.  When we are in that state, we lack an energetic state of equality. Energetic equality is a pure exchange of energy that is beneficial to both partners and brings a positive response to both sides equally.

We do not have to strike pity from our emotional drawer, we just have to recognize it and transform it into a higher emotion, unconditional love. Unconditional love is the purest and greatest gift you can give. You can never truly know what another’s emotional needs are but when you give the gift of unconditional love you give them pure energy to work with. Their energetic body will receive the love and use it in anyway that most fits them at the moment.  That will be delivered right to the heart of the issue.  When we give love with a set intention in the way it is received we deny the recipient use of it in the way that is most beneficial to their situation.

Always be realistic with the gift of love, egoistic love expects a certain response and may have a timeline of when or how the situation may be solved.  Unconditional love has no expectation on transformation of the recipient.  It just gives to gift love, nothing more is expected. You are only in charge of your own timeline and emotional state. Do not fall into the trap of self righteousness to assume that you are capable of changing another’s.  Unconditional love may be accepted or refused, it is their healing, their journey to decide what they do with it.  And, that is exactly how it should be!