I’ve walked down a road of hardship and pain.

I’ve realized that the only thing that has remained

is the strength that I’ve gained.

The pain did subside

and there was awhile that I felt hollow.

I nurtured that empty space until I decided it was time

to give myself a break.

A break from the mental rotation of continually

bringing myself back to that space when my heart ached.

It was time to freshen up the space.

Wipe away the walls of mind.

To purify it

and beautify it inside.

To nurture my soul

with the love of my very own heart.

To plant roses in the crevices

of my mind.

To clean away the vines

that had choked off the flow.

I created a space inside of me,

just for me.

My very own refuge.

A calm place to inhabit the space.

And, as you may see externally,

a smile on my face,

a calm in my step.

A statement of well earned

and well deserved


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